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Welcome to Pop Four

Pop Four is a game inspired by the popular four-in-a-row type games, but with an extra twist. Instead of just adding tokens from the top, you can also pop tokens out from the bottom. Pop Four allows you to play against your friends in real-time—whether they're at your computer with you or halfway across the globe.

You can start playing right away, but if you want to get the full experience, you'll have to log in using any Google account—no new registration required. Logged in users get:

Pick what type of game you want to play

I know who I want to play

I'm so alone

They're right here at this computer with me

They're at another computer

Match me with a random stranger!

I'll play Robby the somewhat-competent robot

Play Local

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Login Required

Play Robot

Optional: Pick which color you'll be

red black

Traditional rules I'm lame and I don't want any of that new-fangled popping.